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Well, I'm at Kansai International Airport just about to leave for six weeks in western China traversing the Silk Road.

I'm bringing my trusty Leica M7 / Zeiss Biogon 35mm and my Canon 10D with 16-35mm L. I'm not bringing any digital video as we'll be doing a lot of trekking and my HDV equipment isn't designed for one-person use.

Should be an amazing time and I'm looking forward to posting from the field when I can. However, there won't be as many blog posts as normal -- please hang in and keep subscribed!

My new book on deaf identity in Japan is quickly approaching its publication date! Cornell University Press has just updated its product information page with reviews from renowned Japan Studies scholars:

"Deaf in Japan begins to fill an enormous lacuna in the literature on contemporary Japanese society, namely how the society treats those with any form of physical or mental disability. Those interested in contemporary Japanese society and comparative welfare will learn much in this book about how Japanese social attitudes have changed over the past fifty years."—Roger Goodman, University of Oxford

"In addition to expertly introducing to an English-speaking readership the world of the deaf and deaf movements in Japan, Karen Nakamura provides a very interesting and useful perspective on Japanese social movements and the 'new' forms they are taking in the 'post-postwar' milieu."—J. Victor Koschmann, Cornell University

"Karen Nakamura combines history, life histories, ethnographic observation, and politico-linguistic analysis of sign language in Japan to open up sensible and much-needed debate on the multiplicity of the Japanese and their culture."—Sonia Ryang, The Johns Hopkins University

The book is scheduled to come out in August.

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