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My buddy Nate sent me the following link:

You've probably seen this, but just in case!
Jarvis has a neat set of iphone photo apps and filters for the iPhone that mimic polaroids, 1974 gelatin, etc.

Hadn't seen it. Quite cool. I want an iphone app that manufactures SX70 film (the real stuff, not virtual), though.

In March 2005, Fairleigh Dickinson University fired Jacques Pluss, a popular and outwardly tolerant professor who holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in medieval history. It was reported that Pluss was a neo-Nazi..... read more at

Leica M9 announced

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Along with the Canon 7D, the new Leica M9 now joins the ranks of things I want but sadly have absolutely no money to buy:


According to the Mirror, the M9:

Specs wise, we’re looking at an 18.2MP sensor on the Leica M9, plus reduced noise at high ISO settings, and an SD slot, and it could be out as soon as this week.

DPReview has an extensive hands-on with this new full-frame digital rangefinder:

Do you think if I put a paypal "Donate to Karen's M9" button on this website, I could collect enough for it? It's only around 5000 euros....

Meta: Snow Leopard problems

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Upgraded to Snow Leopard (Mac OSX 10.6) and so far things are smooth with some exceptions:

  • My favorite utility, QuickSilver would no longer launch. Finally figured out that I not only had to trash the preferences file in the ~/Library/Preferences folder, but also the entire application support folder in ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Quicksilver.
  • Dymo Label doesn't work and there's no driver until "the early Fall which is December in developer speak. Not good.
  • 1Password doesn't work under Safari unless you get their secret beta version 3.
  • VMWare Fusion also needs to be updated

And one of my buds had problems with -- turned out that RSS feed prefs didn't transfer over well from 10.5. He trashed them and it started working again.

Canon 7D announced

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canon_eos7d.gifHot off the press: "Canon has today announced the EOS 7D digital SLR. It boasts a new 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor, Dual DIGIC 4 processors, ISO range expandable to 12800, continuous shooting at 8 fps and full HD video recording. It also incorporates a new viewfinder with 1.0x magnification and 100% coverage and a 3 inch LCD with 920k dot resolution."


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