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I met Kathy Martinez, the executive director of WID, today and she told me about SuperFest which is a film festival for disability culture. Unfortunately, the 2007 deadline was mid-January, so I'll have to apply next year. But it looks fantastic:
SUPERFEST International Disability Film Festival Calls for Submissions: Your Opportunity to Contribute to Disability Culture Superfest, the world's longest-running juried international disability film festival, is seeking your entry for submission to our 27th film competition. Superfest is the primary international showcase for cutting-edge films that portray disability culture and experience in all its diverse, complex, and empowering facets. NEW FINAL ENTRY DEADLINE: January 15, 2007 (post-marked). Early bird discount if mailed by Jan. 3, 2007. Judging takes place in Spring 2007, and winners will be announced on or around April 1st, 2007. Winners will be screened in the SF Bay Area in June 2007, and all entries will be listed in the festival catalogue. Winners will be asked to provide still production photos and tape copies for publicity purposes. http://www.culturedisabilitytalent.org/

spiderbrace.jpg Jason Romero sent me a link to the BoingBoing blog entry about a review of the SpiderBrace on CoolTools. This is not a bad looking brace and the price is right ($70), but I'd have some concerns using it with my Canon XL-H1:

  • Both forearms getting tired since it doesn't look like it redistributes any more weight to your back rather than to your arms
  • Lack of camcorder controls at your fingertips

From the picture, the Spiderbrace really seems designed for the new HDV mid-size camcorders that are coming out rather than full-size HDV camcorders like the XL-H1.

hello karen

i love your website and greatly appreciate the time and effort you've put into it. what a wonderful gift to others.

i was reading about the canon p rangefinder recently and became confused about whether i should store my rangefinders (i have 2 canons, several petri's and others), with their shutters cocked. also, what about my mamiya tlr lenses; should their shutters be cocked while stored?

thanks so much for your help.


So I'm starting to get the first round of ding letters from the various film festivals that I applied to last year.* One of the things I hadn't realized going into this was just how competitive the film festival market is. One festival I applied to received 1700 films, and they could screen less than a hundred (including shorts).

*In the next few months, we're also sending ding/acceptance letters for job searches as well as applications to the PhD program.

This means that the chances of getting into a film festival (assuming random probability, which it isn't) is 1:17. That would mean it's harder to get into a competitive film festival than it is to get into Yale College! :-)

Here are some other acceptance to application ratios in my experience: Yale anthropology PhD program 1:20; academic journal ratio 1:5 (?roughly¿); anthro teaching job 1:150. So getting into a film festival isn't as hard as getting a job, but ranks up there!

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