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One of my colleagues has produced a documentary film about life in a wheelchair called Rolling. She recently wrote an article for the New England Journal of Medicine about the experience:

From anthropologist-extraordinaire JR:

The world's first cell phone camera film festival is currently being
held in Yokohama.

The Pocket Films Festival features submissions by people who recorded
films on ther camera-equipped cellphones.

The works, streaming on monitors of cell phones strapped to
tables, are filled with everyday shots, some literally taken on the
run with streets and cars whizzing past in a blur.

They have a voyeuristic feel because the cell phone is so
unobtrusive. Devoid of the typical grandeur of standard films, they
offer grainy but patiently taken close-ups that don't rely on zooms
and other fancy editing techniques.

The Pocket Films Festival in Japan, which organizers say is the
first in this nation, marks yet another use for the omnipresent
portable phone here, already used to exchange e-mail, surf the
Internet, read novels and navigate on miniature digital maps.

Only in Japan? :-)

My buddies sent me a variety of pretty powerful videos about neuro-diversity:

In my language (autism)

Teenage Tourette's Sufferers Say What's On Their Minds

Thanks BB and JR!

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