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Buying a Kindle

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Well, the little iPhone Kindle app has convinced me that a Kindle2 might not be a total waste of money. I'm actually enjoying read both academic and non-academic books on the iPhone. Although the Kindle2 doesn't have a backlight, it looks like it'd be a good way to read before bed or on the airplane.

I wish the Kindle2 had WiFi, I guess that -- along with the backlight -- is my big concern for the unit. Especially as Sprint might be going bankrupt if it continues to bleed customers like it is now. I wonder what will happen to the Kindle's EVDO if that happens....

I'd love to hear from anyone who has one.

Hmmm... seems JCR posted the sushi video to this blog, Linda saw it, posted it to her blog, and I saw her blog before reading my own one, and posted the sushi video back here. Now removed just in case it caused a matter:antimatter reaction and destroyed the universe.

Thanks Linda and Jason!

This wonderful video is currently making the rounds. The camera was placed on the conveyor belt at a kaiten sushi restaurant in Japan, and you can see everyone's reactions as it moves around the room they discover that they are on camera. I just love the way it does such a great job at capturing everyday life.

It has such a cinematic quality. I watched it first without sound and I think that added something to it. Perhaps some ambient music in the background would add a nice touch.

However, I don't think I would have the guts to do something like this.

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