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Not sure how useful this is in terms of actually deciding to buy a camera, especially since some of these models have been updated, but I did find it to be an interesting way to visualize the arrangement of digital cameras that exist. Click on the link below to see the comments on Reddit if you are so inclined, with the standard caveat that they are sometimes helpful, sometimes entertaining, and sometimes neither. Hope you love puns!

choosing a digital camera.png

Via Reddit via Make the Photo!.

F stop and attractiveness.jpg

OkCupid, a dating site, does occasional analyses of site data to see what trends they can observe. Their latest analysis, published in a post titled "Don't Be Ugly By Accident!," had to do with which pictures on the site get the best reactions, and they found that the photos that perform best have a shallow depth of field (which, of course, typically requires an SLR with a lens that has a wide aperture), use natural light instead of flash, and are taken at the golden hour.

I just thought it was interesting for these aspects, which are ones that I had gravitated to "naturally" before I knew much about photography, to make themselves known even in this context. In turn, I suppose it is a little nudge to consider when taking our own photographs, whether or not they are for a dating site.

Be sure to take a look at the whole article for some other whiz bang comparisons and findings, such as comparing how attractive photos are on the basis of their depth of field, as shown above.

After helping our intern with our infernal Epson inkjet that kept on jamming on perfectly fine paper, I found this cartoon on Oatmeal that sums up my feelings perfectly. This is just one of the hilarious-but-true panels:

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