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Wow, I wish I had more spare time....

The Siena School for Liberal Arts, located in Tuscany Italy, offers a unique 3 week study abroad experience in Summer 2008 for American Sign Language users, Deaf and hearing. These two distinct programs give ASL users an opportunity to learn Italian Sign Language in a formal setting.

The Language and Culture Program for Deaf Adults brings Deaf Italians and Deaf Americans together for a fantastic opportunity for cultural and
linguistic exchange. Americans learn Lingua Italiana dei Signi (Italian
Sign Language or LIS) and written Italian, while the Italians learn American Sign Language and written English. Students are housed in apartments in the city center for a full opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills.

As seen on boingboing, Ian Macky has scanned and uploaded a wonderful book from 1935 titled the Secret Museum of Mankind. Has to be read to be believed. An ethnographic treasure trove. http://ian.macky.net/secretmuseum/

Patricia E Bauer is running a disability blog with news and commentary on issues of interest to the disability community: http://www.patriciaebauer.com/

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Making a camping stove from used Pepsi-Cola or Mountain Dew cans.

Swarthmore College is hosting a conference called "Around the Deaf World in Two Days (It's a Small World): Sign Languages, Social Issues/Civil Rights, Creativity."

It is free and open to the public. No registration is required.

ASL and BSL interpreters are provided. CART is provided.

Teachers can earn CEUs and ASL teachers can earn Clock Hours for ASLTA.

Friday evening, Feb 29, 2008, and all day plus evening Saturday, March 1, 2008.

Presentations will include sign languages and Deaf communities in Australia, Brazil, China, England, Germany, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Nicaragua, Thailand.
And there will even be some brief mentions of America :)

You can read about it at this website:


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