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I have some good news to report: I've been asked by the department of anthropology at Yale University to join them as a new assistant professor of anthropology in the Fall. Although I will be sad to leave Macalester College and St. Paul, Minnesota, there was little hesitation in my reply.

I'm back from my trip to northern Japan (Akita Prefecture and Hokkaido) looking at people with severe physical disabilities in Akita and a very innovative group home for people with psychiatric disabilities in Hokkaido. More on those visits will be posted in the next couple of days as I settle back in. In the meanwhile, I've written several more articles for my "Careers in Anthropology" advice column for graduate students and new scholars in anthropology while on the train. It takes about 15 hours to get from Kyoto to Hokkaido (Urakawa) even using high speed trains, so I got a lot of writing done. Comments and feedback welcome as always.

I won't be posting many articles for the next two weeks (5/12 ~ 5/26) as I'm going off to Akita Prefecture and Hokkaido for some fieldwork in the northern hinterlands of Japan. While I'm sure there will be intermittent internet access, I most probably won't have any time to file any new stories until I get back.

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