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This is another short post for my Visual Anthropology class. In the course of making your video/audio ethnographies, you'll may want to use some music in the background. There's some debate about whether this would be appropriate in documentary film (especially unmotivated or non-diagetic music), but there is a bigger problem using commercial music as it is copyrighted and you will find problems legally using it (especially if your work will ever be broadcast publicly).

One solution is to use CreativeCommons licensed music. Here are some sources:

Check the variation of the CreativeCommons licensed attached to the music. By definition, the CC license allows for free re-use in free media (check the strings, though) -- but you will need to negotiate if you ever sell your product commercially.

Darn it if I don't have some flickering from fluorescent lights in indoor footage from Japan -- shot with both my Canon XL-H1 and Sony HDR-HC1. This was both in footage shot in 60i and 30f -- with shutterspeeds of 1/30 and 1/60.

What is going on? While the United States is 60hz and Western Japan (where I normally stay) is also 60hz, eastern Japan including Tokyo and Hokkaido is 50hz. This means that I should have used a frequency multiple of 25/50 instead of 30/60. So the best shutterspeeds for avoiding flicker were 1/25, 1/50, or 1/100.

Let that be a lesson to me.

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