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I recently stumbled upon a site called the InternetArchive ( that is trying to become an authorative internet library. Good luck on that project, but what is interesting is that they are creating an archive of documentary films and movies.

Cambridge in Colour has a very nice section titled Digital Photography Tutorials: "This section includes tutorials on how to acquire, interpret and process digital photographs." It includes topics such as:

  • - A Background on Color Perception
  • - Understanding Bit Depth
  • - Understanding Image Noise, Part 1: Concept and Types
  • - Understanding Depth of Field
  • - Using "Levels" in Photoshop
  • - Averaging Images to Reduce Noise
  • - Understanding the Hyperfocal Distance
  • - Techniques for Minimizing Lens Flare at Night
  • - Understanding How Dynamic Range, Tone Curves and Local and Global Contrast Interrelate
  • - Plus many more...
Many folks in the USA are now hooked on Google Map's innovative web based mapping system. What makes Google different from MapQuest or Yahoo! Maps is its java based interface which lets you drag-and-scroll in real time as well as its satellite overlay and new hybrid overlays. Google Maps has recently spawned Google Maps - the Moon.

Google has recently teamed up with Japanese cartography company Zenrin to bring Google Maps to Japan. The interface is provided in both English and Japanese, but most of the map detail label are in Japanese. While you can ask it for detailed addresses like "千代田区永田町1-7-1", you can't do point to point driving directions (yet). If only they had this when I was doing my fieldwork!

Voice over IP (VOIP) internet telephony has changed the landscape for long-distance and even local phone calls. I can now call Japan for pennies on the minute. In fact, it's cheaper for me to call Osaka from New Haven than it is to call Osaka from Tokyo on a regular NTT telephone line!

The NYTimes (2005.07.03) has an interesting article about how to survive business traveling:
IF you are a working stiff like me, you probably have to travel, and travel a lot. And unless you travel by private jet - a treat I had again last week - you probably suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous travel fortune: long lines; maddening, foot-tapping fellow passengers; hotel rooms that smell like gymnasiums; noisy neighbors; hard-to-find taxis; meals that leave you clutching your abdomen at 3 in the morning.

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