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Harvard University’s Program on U.S.-Japan Relations offers postdoctoral fellowships for social scientists in a broad range of fields, including anthropology, economics, education, history, law, political science, public health, public policy, and sociology. Projects that focus on Japan or Japan’s international role from a comparative, historical, or global perspective are welcome. A knowledge of the Japanese language is not required. Awards are for the academic year and provide $40,000 over 10 months. The application deadline is 1 March 2006.

Candidates must hold a doctoral degree by 1 August 2006. Application forms are available at, or by contacting: Program on U.S.-Japan Relations/61 Kirkland Street/Cambridge, MA 02138-2030 (e-mail:

NOTES: International Candidates Will Be Considered. Awards are for the academic year Awards are for the academic year and provide $40,000 over 10 months.

At the AAA meetings, I participated in the mentoring workshop organized by the National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA). It was a good opportunity to see what younger scholars were doing and answer some of their questions about jobs, careers, graduate school, etc.

A graduate student who was in the process of finishing her dissertation asked me whether it was better to take a 1 or 2 year post-doctoral research position or to accept a position at a (how can we delicately phrase it...) teaching college with a heavy course load.

Careers: Thank you notes

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Many anthropologists on the job market interviewed at the AAA meetings last week. This is a reminder to all that you should write thank you notes to the people you talked to. Tuesday's Wall Street Journal (2005.12.6 page B10) had some tips that you can borrow:

The first week of being a new faculty member, everyone will invite you out for coffee or lunch. It's quite nice to feel so welcome. Your first year is the honeymoon period when the rest of the faculty wants to see who their new bride is. You'll want to be humble, friendly, and happy to be part of the new family.

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