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Hot off the press, Apple just released Mac OS X 10.4.11, otherwise a minor update to the last OS release. I haven't upgraded to PantherCheetahLionLeopard yet (since Yale has a site license and I have to wait until I'm back in the USA) -- but the big thing about 10.4.11 is that it supports the Microsoft Presenter Mouse 8000 -- which I've blogged about before.

Yippee! Keynote here I come!

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I gave a lot of talks last year.... at Harvard, Columbia, UBC, NYU and Purdue. I think it's mostly due to my book coming out last year.

I usually talk using Apple Keynote. I rarely read my talks from a written paper and speak semi-extemporaneously. I use the Keynote "presenter display" which gives me my speaker's notes for each slide, a preview of the next slide, and a timer. I think Microsoft PowerPoint has a similar feature. You need a PowerBook or Mac Book Pro to make the "presenter display" function because the lower models can only mirror what's on the data projector and can't give you a separate screen.

UIC's program in disability studies is excellent (and there's a new minor at UCLA after the jump):


The Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Disability Studies at the University
of Illinois at Chicago is accepting applications from prospective students
for Fall 2008. The deadline for receipt of full applications is January 1,
2008. UIC's Disability Studies Ph.D. program promotes the development of
new scholarly models for understanding disability. Part of this
intellectual approach involves the education of disabled and non-disabled
academicians, researchers, policy experts, and clinicians who will join
with disabled people in the community as active challengers of oppressive
institutions and environments. The program examines how addressing
disability in its full complexity can promote the full participation, self-
determination, and equal citizenship of people with disabilities in society.

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