Blog - Links to other blogs: November 2005 Archives has an exclusive hands-on review of the new Canon XL-H1. I have one on order from B&H and can't wait to get my hands on it.

Link: What is a Pro?

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Sam Longoria has a nice essay titled, "What is a Pro?" It's written for indy filmmakers, but I think it applies just as equally to still photographers. To quote: "While skill and/or talent certainly are important, the defining quality of a Professional is payment. Think 'paycheck.' May you earn many big ones."


I just found a fantastic resource in the Digital Journalist columns. All sorts of musings by professionals. Good for at least 4 hours of procrastination.... 8 if you're a slow reader.

Link: ONLY HUMAN exhibit

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ProPhoto is blogging about a photo exhibit in San Francisco called Only Human:
ONLY HUMAN is an international photographic exhibit that inspires dialogue about the shared human condition, moves beyond stereotypes, and challenges people to recognize the unity within humanitys cultural diversity. It is an exhibit that calls on the people of the world to talk to the people of the world about the people of the world. ONLY HUMAN is a visual narrative that communicates that although no two people, cultures, or nations are alike, we all are united by our shared human nature. The goal is to shed some positive light on a world divided by conflict by reminding people that we are all ultimately on the same team that there is no enemy, there is no stranger. All humanity is one. We wish to inspire mutual respect, understanding, and a desire to know one another.
For people who always seem to forget something when packing for trips, here's the Universal Packing List. A small JavaScript will tell you exactly what you need.

From the SDS mailing list:

The Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Disability Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago is accepting applications from prospective students for Fall 2006. The deadline for receipt of full applications is January 1, 2006. UIC's Disability Studies Ph.D. program promotes the development of new scholarly models for understanding disability. Part of this intellectual approach involves the education of disabled and non-disabled academicians, researchers, policy experts, and clinicians who will join with disabled people in the community as active challengers of oppressive institutions and environments. The program examines how addressing disability in its full complexity can promote the full participation, self- determination, and equal citizenship of people with disabilities in society.

UIC's Disability Studies program recognizes disability as a complex phenomenon existing at the intersection of human differences and social values. The program is open to scholars committed to studying how disability "works" and what can be done to lessen the negative social and personal consequences of disability. This includes the study of what disability reveals about society and humanity as well as how it affects people who fall both within and outside of the category. Scholars from any discipline can engage in disability studies. A particular strength of the UIC Disability Studies program is access to diverse faculty mentors and resources in the social sciences, the humanities, and the health fields. Students in the program conduct research across impairment, clinical, social, cultural, ethical, and policy perspectives.

For more information or to arrange a telephone or in-person meeting with Carol J. Gill, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Studies, please contact:

Sarah Rothberger, MFA
Disability Studies Program Coordinator
College of Applied Health Sciences (MC 626)
1640 West Roosevelt Road, Room 215
Chicago, IL 60608-6904
(312) 996-1508 (voice)
Fax (312) 996-0885
TTY (312) 996-1233

You can also visit our website at:

I'm sure this is a joke site, but if it isn't, it's truly terrifying. A collection of online streaming videos from 9 Interviews from the Modern Languages Association meeting. View it and weep.

Link: Optical illusions

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