Meta: MacBook Pro / Toshiba hard drive fails again

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Sigh. My new 2009 MacBook Pro died this weekend of hard drive failure. Argh! Just in time for the beginning of classes, of course. And again, just like the last time (see 2005/02) it was a Toshiba hard drive that was the culprit. Sudden failure, no SMART warnings, nothing. I should have never gone with the Toshiba, I should have replaced it immediately when I got my unit last Fall. I'm think going to replace it with a Seagate 500 gigabyte 7200 rpm unit. I hate Toshiba. Toshiba hard drive suck.


I've had the same problem with Toshiba drives. No SMART warnings, no scary grinding noises, no last will and testament, just 'doink' and they join the ranks of the existentially challenged.

I abuse laptops and netbooks just as much as I abuse cameras. Seagate has been very, very good to me, though I have experienced some failures.

The difference between Seagate failing vs Toshiba is that you get subtle warnings. Files become corrupt, you hear odd noises and at the last stage of failure they intermittently fail to boot. Any one of these signs should send you off to your burner to back up everything that you can.

I know that everything that I buy is eventually going to fail, I just appreciate a bit of warning, be it obvious or subtle, before that happens.

I got 6+ years out of two Seagate 80 GB IDE drives before they began to fail. At $30 a piece new, I'd say I got more than full value for my money.

I've had seen poor quality control from Seagate recently. They shipped me 2 replacement 3.5" disks. They were both faulty.

Western Digital is my choice right now.

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