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One of the grad students in my department recently wrote to me asking me where they could stay while in Tokyo over the summer for some short pre-dissertation fieldwork. They wanted to stay 8-10 weeks, which is too short for my personal favorite which is Leopalace 21. Here are the options I gave the student:

  1. Gaijin houses (google for "Gaijin House Tokyo" or "guest house Tokyo"). Rates seem to range from ¥35,000 / month for dorm style accomodations to ¥80,000/month for apartments.
  2. Weekly mansions (Japanese google: ウイークリー マンション 東京). Rates are about 30-40,000 a week.
  3. Long-stay business hotels (Google: ビジネスホテル 東京). Rates are about ¥7000/day but there's usually a 10-20% discount on monthly stays.
  4. International House of Japan. They don't serve pancakes (well they do, but only for breakfast), it's the pre-eminent location where many foreign faculty stay while in Tokyo for a short time. Centrally located in Roppongi. Single rooms are ¥6583/day.
  5. If you're Christian, then many of the churches have attached guest rooms. For example, the Lutherans and Catholics both have places where people can stay for short visits.


Steve Clark added a section at the end of his "Tokyo Archives" website about housing options in Tokyo. It's here:

Three more links:

Japanese site with lots of info and links on shorter term accomodation:

Site in English for weekly/monthlies and apartments for foreigners:

TOHTO's weekly/monthly site (I had good luck with them last summer):

One more addition to the list is Tokyu Stay.

Tokyu Stay has lodgings in very convenient locations throughout Tokyo (Tsukiji and Yotsuya to name a few). Room rates are more reasonable than hotels and are equipped with efficiency kitchens, washing machine/dryers, and internet connections. What is more, there is almost always a konbini next door.

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