News: Hasselblad film cameras are dead, new Zeiss system

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Hasselblad film cameras (the 200 and 500 lines) are officially dead as production has ended for both the series. Some dealers may continue to sell out of dead stock. It's a sad day for a wonderful series of cameras. Hassie continues to sell its digital series of cameras, made by Fuji.

Zeiss is running out of film camera lines for its lenses, with Kyocera/Contax and Hasselblad kicking the dust. Perhaps this is why they started the Zeiss Ikon series with Cosina. Mehyar sends a link to a store in Germany (SHPhoto) which has some of the lowest EU prices for the Zeiss Ikon that I've seen.


Re. ZI @ SHPhoto: Lowest in EU perhaps, but still a lot more than Japan (Y176.000 vs Y142000). is the place to go (you get another 2% off for new items with their points card).

I should mention for the record that neither Lemonsha nor any other store in Japan that I know of will do mail-order outside of Japan. They will simply refuse and no amount of pleading will get them to budge. They're afraid of fraud and "trouble." It's best to find a friend in Japan and have them buy it and send it to you.

By the way, there is interesting news from Zeiss on F mount Nikon lenses..designated ZF.

"The friend in Japan"... that's usually me. I should make that my tagline :)


It's been official here in Sweden since October 2004. I don't think they expected an interview in the local (Göteborg) paper to get translated and spread. Once I did that, they started covering their tracks. Be they made it very clear that film cameras would be phased out. At the end of the link I provided above there is a still functioning link to the original article (in Swedish).


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