Link: Documentary on sushi ("The Japanese Tradition")

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I am in utter awe of this ethnographic documentary short (8 min) titled Sushi: The Japanese Tradition." It's a must see for all who wish to consider themselves specialists in Japanese culture and an inspiration to me. If anyone knows anything about the producers of this fine piece of work, please let me know.

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I got the comment on the Sushi movie and I should explain what was not true about the video! I don't want you to get embarrassed when you are in Japan eating Sushi! I will explain about the video. Just in case you haven't seen the movie, here is a link... Read More


Wow ... that was some video. I can't wait to try out some of the customs at my favorite sushi restaurant, Sushi Island ( I've been doing it all wrong for years !

Karen, I've enjoyed your site for quite some time. Thanks for introducing me to photoenthnography and rekindling my interest in film photography.

Wow, that was pretty funny. Had me going there for a bit...

haha--my brother just sent this to me. fun stuff. and i like how it quickly devolves.....

It's a skit by a comedy duo called ラーメンズ (ramenzu). Ive seen their stuff from time to time in video stores in Japan. They also have a video floating around the internet about how to apologize correctly (take exactly 5 steps back, lie on the ground bending your right knee first and then lay your head exactly 10cm from the ground).  

Karen- details of the video's production are on my blog :)

Hi, this video was funny but there are many spoofs! You should check this blog out to get it straight!!

There's a trackback to this entry above. You really need to click on it:

It's hilarious! Even funnier than the video itself! I'm not sure if this was done seriously or in jest.

I first got production's name on gen kanai blog last month(thanks!), and just updated the chronology of event which contains details of its production staffs.

I just recently came across this video as well! I have been living in Japan for 4 years now and hadn't heard of this comedy duo "Ramenzu" before. Good stuff!!!

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