Equipment->News: September 2005 Archives has the latest coverage of the new Canon XL-H1. It's $9000 MSRP, which should put it about $7500-8000 retail, which is pretty good. There's now an optical stabilizer and it'll come out in November. I'm sold. also has links to other sites.

I'm hoping that the actual shipping XL-H1 isn't all-black like the press-release photograph to the right. I actually liked the white/black/red color of the XL2 units. It made the different from the usual run-of-the-mill shoulder camcorders.

And also call me a luddite, but I prefer eyepiece focusing to flip-out-screens. Of course, the best of all worlds is to have both (the flip-out-screens are especially good for reviewing shots in the field), but the XL-H1 now has an enormous 2.5" LCD lurking behind their viewfinder, and it's designed so that you can flip the eyepiece out of the way for low or high-level shots or for reviewing. Of course, you can also just hook up your laptop in the field or get a small auxiliary LCD screen.

For super-luddites (of which I am not), Canon even sells a black-and-white high-resolution eyepiece monitor. The eye has better resolution in black-and-white, which makes critical focusing easier. The B+W monitor is extremely expensive and the new XL-H1 has some built-in focusing aids such as automatically zooming in the eyepiece magnification when focusing or increasing contrast. has the scoop on the new HDV camcorder from Canon, based on its XL-2 model:

Canon USA will announce a high definition HDV camcorder next week at the Canon EXPO event in New York. The new model will be very similar in shape, style, and features to the XL2 MiniDV camcorder. A reliable source close to Canon has given exclusive information about the model, its feature set, and its pricing. Although the announcement was under tight secrecy, Canon Europe displayed a model of the HDV camcorder at their booth at the International Broadcasters Conference in Amsterdam.

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