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ModuleRecords has a nice overview/review of portable flash audio recorders for professional use. While you can use your iPod or other flash MP3 player for recording interviews, you might want something with better audio fidelity if you're doing video work or recording concerts. I've been looking for a good device that I can use with external mikes and later sync up to my video tracks. The best devices let you use balanced mikes (less noise on extended cable runs) and mikes with phantom power (higher sensitivity mikes).

The M-Audio Microtrack seemed to be the ticket, but the review has me thinking about the Zoom PS-04 or Edirol R-1. I think I need to do more research.

20858706.GIF.gifOfficeMax currently no longer has the Canon MP780 4-in-1 (scan/fax/print/copy) on sale for $199 (usually $249), but other mail-order companies are still selling it at a reasonable price (just Froogle for it). I mention the MP780 because it has an auto-document-feeder (ADF) which allows you to put a stack of papers in it and scan them all at once. This page contains tips on how to make the best of the MP780 or other ADF scanners.

I've been thinking about getting an ADF scanner for a while, so that I can scan to PDF all of the print articles that currently occupy several boxes in the corner of my office. Dedicated ADF scanners tend to go for about $500+, so this seemed like an inexpensive way to go. The MP780 has duplex printing but not duplex scanning, which is about the only thing that the more expensive ones have.

My MP780 arrived yesterday. Here are some of my notes: has the scoop on the new HDV camcorder from Canon, based on its XL-2 model:

Canon USA will announce a high definition HDV camcorder next week at the Canon EXPO event in New York. The new model will be very similar in shape, style, and features to the XL2 MiniDV camcorder. A reliable source close to Canon has given exclusive information about the model, its feature set, and its pricing. Although the announcement was under tight secrecy, Canon Europe displayed a model of the HDV camcorder at their booth at the International Broadcasters Conference in Amsterdam.

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