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VivianMaier3468.jpgFrequent contributor Nate sent me a link about Vivian Maier - a Chicago nanny who took over 100,000 photographs over her lifetime. Her material is breathtaking. Her photos were discovered in an abandoned storage unit by John Maloof, who is now curating her material. His blog is here: A nice newsclip from WTTW is here:



I found out about Vivian Maier reading the blog The Shutter Goes Click out of Vancouver, BC Canada (JJ Lee's site).

As a Chicagoan I take special delight in the story of the Chicago nanny who may have been Chicago's best street photographer, and nobody ever knew it.

I don't know much about her except I believe she was self taught in photography.

I have read at that Vivian Maier never showed her photographs to anyone.

As a near 60 year old re-discovering photography, I wonder how much we could learn from the photography of a woman who never showed her photographs to anyone and never sought anyone's counsel or advice on photography. What can we learn from her technique?

Amazing woman, amazing story. I do hope John Maloof or someone writes the Vivian Maier story, with photographs. I'll buy it in a heartbeat.

Richard Kraneis

PS: Thanks for all your good work Karen. I constantly find myself on your website, learning something new and useful.

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