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My contract for my original iPhone 3G is up and I'm in the market for a new smartphone. I'm currently kind of pissed at Apple because the iOS 4.0 update really crippled my iPhone 3G, rendering it impossibly slow. This is the kind of crud that Microsoft used to pull (Vista, anyone?) and I'm kind of getting sick of the closed environment that iOS represents.

Nonetheless, the iPhone 4 is a huge temptation, as is the couldn't-be-worse-named iPad.  One consideration is that I almost never do voice calls -- maybe 15 minutes a month, tops. So there, the iPad's data-only plan is good. But it's way too large. If I could get the iPad data plan with the iPhone form factor.... (and no, an iPod Touch wouldn't work since it doesn't have mobile data, which I need).

Anyway, so I guess I'm really forced into a smartphone. Any thoughts gentle readers on the Droid X and Evo 4G?  New Haven isn't a Wimax/4g city so the Evo's greatest feature is worthless here.

Found a useful infographic online:






Any and all thoughts welcome.

Jason -- what are you running these days?

Here's another good info link:


What I'm trying to find is a good link to compare voice/data plans between the various carriers....


You should definitely get an Android. I love mine. I have a HTC Aria and can't live with out it. There are really good apps that have essentially removed my need to carry my laptop everywhere. :)

I recommend installing:
Evernote (Free)
Dropbox (Free)
Aldiko (Free) (Put Calibre on your PC to make any file an ePub -- I put the AAA style guide in there and it is super handy when I just need to quick check a style.)
QuickOffice (9.99) or DocumentsToGo (14.99)

With just those apps I have been able to accomplish a lot of work with just my phone.

Have you thought about using an I pod touch with a Mifi unit.
A Mifi unit is about the size of a cell phone has a 3G SIM card on a data plan (we don't have 4G in thre UK). It is also a small Wifi hotspot. You carry your own Wifi hotspot around with you to give you an internet conection.

I went through the same dilemma, which you can read about here:

In the end, I did get an iPhone 4, but I also already had an iPad at the time. I'd gotten the iPad (wifi version) because I wanted an ereader, as well as a device that it would be easier to read PDFs on. It works great for both of these things, but I do sometimes wish the screen were sharper. The battery life is incredible, though it does feel just a little too big and heavy at times. You can hook up an external Bluetooth keyboard to it, which is nice. Other than that, it is a great great device for media consumption, especially if you have Netflix. You could probably get away with leaving your laptop behind when you go to a conference, but it's not a replacement by any means.

When I got my iPhone 4 I actually started using the iPad a little less. Part of the reason I'd been using the iPad so much was its speed. But the iPhone 4 is incredibly nimble. Aside from the antenna issues, which aren't really a concern if you use a case, it really is a wonderful device. The battery doesn't last as long as some of the initial reports made it seem and you have to keep an eye on some of the background apps, but it's pretty nice. The best thing about it though is the display -- it's beautiful. I still catch a glance of it now and then and experience a "Wow." The screen also feels really silky to the touch, though I had a screen cover on my old iPhone so maybe it's not that much different. The "multitasking" feature is a little clunky, but it's really great to be able to play Pandora and the like in the background. Ah yes, there is also the front facing battery, improved back camera, and HD video feature, with a lite iMovie app if you're interested in that.

Above all it's really the speed of the device that stands out. There were apps that I used less hesitantly than in the past, like the IM app Beejive, because it wasn't such a pain to switch back and forth. The speed of the device also made it seem as if the 3G connection was faster, which was nice.

Like I say in my blog entry, I was considering the EVO 4G, but what I read about the battery and other issues turned me away. I'm not so miffed by Apple's walled garden, especially since Android apps seem to lack the polish that iOS apps have, but I do think that Android's handling of notifications is superior. It would also be nice to be able to turn my phone into a hotspot, but I've been able to survive for the most part.

I guess there are some other Android devices to consider now as well, but I think it's important to make sure you like the way the OS feels. There are things I like about it, but it's just not as pretty.

Another option would be to get a MiFi device, and iPod Touch, and a prepaid cellphone. But it might be too clunky to have to turn o the MiFi when you need it and have another device's battery to worry about...

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