Info: Canon XL-H1 firmware upgrade and 6x wide-angle

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Canon USA and Canon Japan have announced that there is a new firmware upgrade for the Canon XL-H1 camcorder. Version corrects issues with time-code synchronization as well as reducing the granularity of the manual iris control to 1/8 stop steps.

The firmware is available by either bringing the camcorder to a Canon center or by phoning them and asking them to send you the update on an SD card for free. It is not available by download. I phoned them and they are sending the new firmware by Fedex 2nd day. I'll post again when I've updated my unit.

p.s. My camcorder, which is one of the first 100 made, was at version I haven't been able to find out what the minor fixes between and (the last public version) have been.

For more info:

For more info about the upgrade from Canon Japan:

Canon HD Video Lens 6x Zoom XL 3.4-20.4mm L

Canon has also announced a 6x wide-angle high-def lens for the XL-H1. The new Canon HD Video Lens 6x XL 3.4-20.4mm L has a 35mm equivalent perspective of 24.5 to 147mm, making it ideal for indoor videography. There's a manual iris control ring, which makes many people happy. Unfortunately, focus and zoom are still servo controlled which makes me unhappy. I had to dig around to find the maximum aperture, but it looks like it'll be f/1.6 to f/2.6.

The price is quite reasonable at a MSRP of $3000. When it comes out in November, I want one. This is the lens that should have come with the camera, in my opinion.

For more info:


Do you know if there is going to be an firmware update for the XLH1 Pal version? I have 3 frames of offset with the TC.

Thanks from Swizerland.

Amazing BIG monster!!! I wonder if those rumours of Canon developing a true 24p "prosumer" camera (like Sony already did) are true! The article is great, extensive and full of information. Great!!


I'm an avid reader of your blog. I wonder if you could post an entry where you describe in some detail your editing hardware, software, and workflow. I'm considering buying the Canon XH-A1 but I'm worried about editing HDV on my MacBook Pro. I'm also considering the Pannasonic HVX-200, but I worry even more about the complicated production (in that case) workflow for a single-person ethnographic project, to say nothing of the extra expenses involved in using P2 cards. Thanks in advance.

I have an XL-H1 and am looking for an intervalometer for time lapse apps.anybody out there?

Greg -

It's interesting that they removed the intervalometer feature from the XL1S/XL2 when they made the XL-H1. I wonder why, it's useful and not that difficult to handle in software.

Have you tried to see if Canon's PC based software can handle the intervalometer function? I'm Mac-only so I haven't ever played with it.

Also, many people are using digital cameras for time-lapse shots. It's relatively easy to set up a digital camera to take a photo every 30 seconds and to make a QuickTime movie out of it. You'll get higher quality if you do it this way.


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