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There's been a noticeable absence of quality journal articles on the topic of sexuality in Japan. This has now been partially filled by the publication of a special issue (#12, January 2006) of the online journal Intersections: Gender, History, and Culture in the Asian Context. From the table of contents:
Queer Japan

Guest editor Mark McLelland

Introduction to the Queer Japan Special Issue
Mark McLelland


Japan's Gay History
Sunagawa Hideki, translated by Mark McLelland

The Social Situation Facing Gays in Japan
Sunagawa Hideki, translated by Mark McLelland

AIDS and the Gay Community in Japan
Hasegawa Hiroshi, translated by Mark McLelland

Japanese Lesbian/Gay Studies
Noguchi Katsuzō, translated by Katsuhiko Suganuma and James Welker

Festival of Sexual Minorities in Japan: A Revival of the Tokyo Lesbian & Gay Parade in 2005
Katsuhiko Suganuma

Determined to Live as a Man
Masaki Masataka, translated by Katsuhiko Suganuma


The Legal Situation Facing Sexual Minorities in Japan
Taniguchi Hiroyuki

The Process of Divergence between 'Men who Love Men' and 'Feminised Men' in Postwar Japanese Media
Ishida Hitoshi and Murakami Takanori, translated by Wim Lunsing

Itō Bungaku and the Solidarity of the Rose Tribes [Barazoku]: Stirrings of Homo Solidarity in Early 1970s Japan
Darren Aoki

Yaoi Ronsō: Discussing Depictions of Male Homosexuality in Japanese Girls' Comics, Gay Comics and Gay Pornography
Wim Lunsing

Penisism and the Eternal Hole: (Homo)Eroticism and Existential Exploration in the Early Poetry of Takahashi Mutsuo
Jeffrey Angles

Discussion Papers

A Short History of Hentai
Mark McLelland

Interactive Practices in Shinjuku Ni-Chōme's Homosexual Bars
Ishida Hitoshi, translated by Richard Emmerson


Clandestine Wandering in the World of Women: An Interview with Freelance Journalist 'Y'
translated by James Welker

Celebrating Lesbian Sexuality: Interview with Inoue Meimy
Interviewers: Katsuko Suganuma and James Welker, translated by James Welker

Interview with Takahashi Mutsuo
Jeffrey Angles, translated by Katsuhiko Suganuma


Confessions of Madame Ursula Bearine
Hasegawa Hiroshi, translated by Edwin Whenmouth

Takahashi Mutsuo, translated by Jeffrey Angles

Book Reviews

Fushimi Noriaki, Matsuzawa Kureichi, Kurokawa Noboyuki, Yamanaka Toshio, Oikawa Kenji, Noguchi Katsuzō
'Okama' wa sabetsu ka: 'Shūkan Kinyōbi no Sabetsu Hyōgen Jiken [Does 'okama' have discriminatory connotations? The discriminating expression case in the weekly magazine Shūkan Kinyōbi]
reviewed by Nanette Gotlieb

Helen Creese
Women of the Kakawin World Marriage and Sexuality in the Indic Courts of Java and Bali
reviewed by Lyn Parker


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