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I'm selling my 1993 Honda Civic CX Hatchback for $1600 and my 1987 Mitsubishi Mightymax Pickup for $500 (new price!), as well as some miscellaneous camera equipment. More info after the jump. These cars are both in New Haven, CT.

1987 Mitsubishi Mightmax Pickup (2WD) with camper topper. 142,000 miles.

Manual transmission. A fantastic truck for hauling things around town or camping. With towing hitch. Starts up every time on the first time. New battery and new rear tires.. Rear topper is ready for camping with windows with screens, totally watertight, never leaks. Body has some rust spots and some minor mechanical issues typical of a car this age, but for this price can't be beat. I'm only the second owner of this wonderful little truck. Carfax report available on request.

Kelley Blue Book for this truck in Fair condition is $725 although I think it's somewhere in between Fair and Good (which would be $990).

Asking $500 OBO.

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Mitsubishi1.jpg Mitsubishi2.jpg
Mitsubishi3.jpg Mitsubishi4.jpg
Mitsubishi5.jpg Mitsubish6.jpg


1993 Honda Civic CX Hatchback - 38mpg! - $1600

Fantastic 1993 Honda Civic Hatchback CX with only 117,000 miles. Gets 38 mpg on the freeway, 32 mpg in the city. Beat high gas prices! A full tank is only $15 and will take you 300+ miles. Manual transmission.

Lots of extras: Pioneer CD radio 200 watt stereo with 4 speaker surround sound. Clifford car alarm with 2 remotes. New rear tires and new battery.

Single owner. Meticulous maintenance. No body rust and has always been garaged. Great condition, ready to drive for another 100,000 miles. Carfax report available on request. Kelley Blue Book value for "Good" is $1635 but I think the car is closer to Excellent which is $1900.

Selling because I bought an SUV that gets 15 mpg, but is automatic (which matters to my sweetie).


Thule roof rack for the Honda Civic shown is still available for $200 (it is $350 if you buy it new retail). Includes: 400xtAero Foot Pack | LB50Load Bars | 109Fit Kit | 477Short Roof Adaptor. If you're interested in just the rack let me know, I'm also happy to ship it separately to you although it might be a bit expensive.

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Honda1.jpg Honda2.jpg
Honda3.jpg Honda4.jpg


The following camera equipment is also for sale. Please contact me for payment information(paypal is best). Shipping is from New Haven, CT. Feel free to make an offer, especially on multiple items.

Canon EF 28-70mm f/2.8 'L' lens in excellent condition with cap, hood, and protective case. $800/Y80,000.

Canon BG-ED3 battery grip for the Canon 10D/D60/D30 camera. Allows vertical holding and 2 batteries to be stored in it. In great condition. $250 or ¥26,000.

Hasselblad NPC polaroid back. In great working condition with dark slide. $80 / Y8000.

Leica R3 in box with Japanese and english manuals. Black chrome camera is in good condition with some wear and brassing. Shutter speeds are all accurate manually, but the meter - while responsive - is not trustworthy. Comes in the Leitz box with manuals. Y40,000 or $400.

Contax 137MD - in as-is condition for parts. Motor, shutter , and meter works, but does not focus to infinity. No dints or dents on body. No leather. For parts only. Y3000 or $30 + shipping.


Could help notice your MN vanity plate ...

looks like you can get the same one in CT :

I see that you're selling a camera on your blog. I don't have a blog and I'm looking for a site other than ebay or amizon to sell my Kodak Retina IIa...any good tips on how or where I can go to sell this? It's in excellent shape and comes with all it's original accessories.

Hi, I am interested in your Hasselblad polaroid back. I live in Niigata, Japan and PayPal is no problem. FYI, I also sent an e-mail to your Yale address. Many thanks and all the best, emg

Garcia -

Sorry but the NPC back is already sold! Karen

Michelle -

Ebay really is the best place to sell your camera for the best price. Be sure to have an accurate description of the condition and what works/doesn't work. Lots of photographs are also handy.


Michelle -

p.s. If it's in better condition that the Retina IIa on my website ( then I might be interested in buying it. But I'd still need plenty of pictures of the camera and a detailed description of its operating condition.


any way for a trade of a mamiya rb67 pro s with wasit level finder, prism finder, 90mm C lens, two 120 backs, a poloroid back, and a hardcase for canon gear?

Wymer -

Sorry but I'm trying to get RID of gear! :-)


know the best way to get it off my hands for 600 to 800 dollars? i ended my studio for a more relaxed job, and now i have no need for the mamiya, my E-1 and 20d do the job fine. know anyone who would want one?

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