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It's official: I have severe jet-lag. I woke up at 1:30 am and haven't been able to get back to sleep.... I've never had it this bad before, I wonder what's up with that. Maybe because I returned in the dead of winter, and there isn't enough sunlight to kick my melatonin cycle back into gear.

In any case, in my insomniac wanderings, I came across this article on the BBC website (of all places), titled: From Asperger geek to Aspie Chic - definitely a must-read and check out the links on the bottom of it too.


I <3 BBC Ouch. I'm sorry you're jetlagged!

Hi Karen,.....I don't know why you should find it strange that subjects like Asperger syndrome turn up on the BBC site,...."Of all places" The BBC has done more than anyone to bring Aspergers and autism etc to the UK publics notice, interest and hopefully acceptance. BBC TV has regularly featured very interesting, even compelling, documentaries on these subjects over the last few years and is even turning them into drama now also!

Bob -

Thanks for your comment. I'm being very US-centric here.... we don't get many BBC documentaries shown Stateside so I think most American's perception of the BBC is Masterpiece Theatre. Browsing through their site, they seem very hip on things -- perhaps even hipper than PBS (which is not too difficult).

Sorry to hear that....this shortens the recovery time for me:
also, a long hike.

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