Info: New Sony HDV camcorder info leaked - HDR-HC3


SonyHDR-HC3.jpgInformation and specs on the newest Sony HDV camcorder - the HDR-HC3 - have been leaked on The new HC-3 appears to be a new lower-end consumer version of the wildly popular HC-1 model. The HC-3 looks like it will have less pixels, is smaller, and won't have as many manual controls. The killer for independent filmmakers is the lack of external microphone and headphones jacks, as well as no way to adjust the shutter speed.

Scroll down to the comments for the link to the HC-3 PDF file. Also, has more info on the new unit too. It uses Infolithium-P batteries which means it's incompatible with both the Ms on the HC-1 as well as the Ls on the larger camcorders, which means it won't work well as a back-up camcorder.

I've browsed through the manual and it doesn't look like anything that I'd recommend to my students for ethnographic film work, but it does look like something my brother-in-law would die for in terms of filming his kids. I'm going to guess the price is going to be less than $900, which would devastate the current MiniDV market.

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