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Imagine being a photojournalist in Iraq. Would you want to carry a bag full of photography gear on your shoulder and a heavy duty SLR on your neck while covering a war zone? Alex Majoli..a distinguished photojournalist with assignments in war torn Africa and Middle East prefers digital point-and-shoot cameras. For the complete story on this rather wise journalist see:



what a great read, thanks !
there were some good ideas in there , that I could also apply to my shooting - I'm too poor to afford any dslr and this just makes me happier for it :D

I have never understood why a certain activity would imply a certain piece of equipment. These kind of expectations can be found everywhere, basically they are stereotypes.

Happy new year!

Very interesting. I have a Nikon 8400, which is almost the perfect street camera, only wanting a faster chip and a higher-resolotion LCD.

Great blog, well done.
Permit me to promote new pictures of my own, taken with a Fujifilm F10:

It's a good, real, approach. I'm an old fart and once upon a very long time ago, I was a US Army Infantry soldier; I can see being there a bit too easily... I'd be there with my Canon 7 & Canon 50/1.8 (and in that place nothing else. Foot zoom is a much better choice.) With my Canon IVSb&50/1.9 as my idea of a backup.

Yes, I'm an old fart. So? Film can still do what silver has always done. When it can't, only then will I go digital.

But no one pays for my (crappy ) images!


I don't know if I would call the Olympus c5050 camera a point and shoot camera. It has a good variety of controls (both manual and auto focus, auto exposure in several modes and manual exposure). It does have some annoying quirks, that include an easily fooled auto focus particularly in the dark.

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