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One more reason not to shop at Walmart, and in particular, not use their photo processing services.

To tell the truth though, I don't know why anyone who cares about their photos would process at Walmart. Just stand and look at how they treat your negatives -- they don't use gloves, they'll drop film on the ground, film drags across countertops, etc. However, one reality is that mom and pop film processors are going out of business at a rapid clip, so soon all we will have left are Costcos and Walmarts.

I feel like I'm in a real bind. I may just end up doing just B&W in film and going exclusively digital for color. :-(


Well, Costco treats its employees fairly and thus has low turnover. The guy at my local Costco in San Francisco has been on the job since before I arrived in 2000. They are much more likely to have picked up some clue along the way than the poorly trained kids at Wal-Mart, who are not going to be around a year from now anyway.

Well the article is not all that suprising considering Walmart makes a ton on money from the fruits of cheap labor. We all know that Bush and he thieves I mean croonies/crooks support this type of "free enterprise". To waste money going after a high school person for a photo that gives Bush a thumbs down is insane; Bush is insane and deserves two thumbs down!

Send your photos to A&I. That's what I do on my trips to continue to use film.

I've been having trouble with A&I. I used to use them exclusively, but ever since they were bought out, I think their quality has dropped. I wrote to the new owner when they botched my last two rolls, but he hasn't deigned to write back. Once I get through my current batch of mailers, I don't know if I'm going to continue using them.

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