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Glossary of Printing Terms

This glossary of printing terms was created by people working in today's printing industry and is brought to you by the printers at who provide free printing quotes. It has been
revised and edited to help the desktop publisher understand the printing trade by TentMaker Publishing.
We have rewritten some technical descriptions in every day language to help the non technical person....

Accordion fold: Bindery term, two or more parallel folds which open like an accordion.

Against the grain: At right angles to direction of paper grain.

Alteration: Change in copy of specifications after production has begun.

Artboard: Alternate term for mechanical art.

Author's corrections: Also know as "AC's". Changed and additions in copy after it has been typeset.


Work and turn: Printing one side of a sheet and turning it over from left to right ussing the same side guides and plate for the second side.

Wove paper: A paper having a uniform unlined surface with a smooth finish.


My book on deaf identity and sign language in Japan is being typeset right now by Cornell University Press. I hope I won't need too many alterations or ACs!


Re the four "levels" of lenses for the Voigtlander Bessa range of folding medium-format cameras, they are:
Voigtar,Vaskar,Skopar and Heliar.
The designations Color-Skopar and Color-Heliar refer to more modern, postwar and coated versions of these lenses; the formulations are supposedly the same, or nearly so.
There are postwar Bessas to be found with the famous Apo-Lanthar lenses - but they are few and far between and extremely expensive - and supposedly, extremely good!
The Skopars and Color-Skopars are the four-element workhorses of the Voigtlander lines; the f3.5 versions are more expensive, but the f4.5 versions are also very good performers. Both types are reasonably priced and, if they are clean and properly collimated, produce sharp and contrasty photos.
Medium-Format Heliars and Color-Heliars are five-element lenses with excellent performance. These - especially the Color-Heliars - are the darlings of the Voigtlander collectors' world; Bessas with these lenses mounted on them are often two and three times more expensive than those with Skopars.
Note: Iconoclasts, cynics and hard-nosed realists claim that the differences in results between Heliars and Skopars virtually disappear once the lenses are stopped down to f8 -f11.

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