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I have some good news to report: I've been asked by the department of anthropology at Yale University to join them as a new assistant professor of anthropology in the Fall. Although I will be sad to leave Macalester College and St. Paul, Minnesota, there was little hesitation in my reply.

This is going to be an extremely busy summer for me as I have to pack up and sell my house in St. Paul, go to New Haven and look for a new place to live, and somehow also prepare for Fall classes (I was scheduled to be on leave in the Fall) as well as try to get some more of my Abe research done over the summer in Washington DC.

Postings to this blog might be a bit sporadic, but keep me subscribed in your NetNewsWire or Bloglines as it'll be updated when I have more time. I'll be teaching courses on:

  • Feminist Ethnographies
  • Japanese Animation and Manga
  • Minorities and Sexualities in Modern Japan
  • Field Methods and Research Design

The department has also expressed interest in my courses on visual anthropology (ethnographic film as well as photoethnography). My academic home page has already been updated (along with a new domain):


Congratulations! (or should I say Boola Boola?). I spent a year at Yale as a visiting scholar in 93-94, living at the International House just opposite Divinity School. New Haven is nowhere near as dangerous as timid suburbanites make it out to be, although it is sad to see a city that was touted as a model of urban planning in the 70s decay so badly.

congrats on your new position.
you don't know me and i know you only through your website and blog.
i have, however, enjoyed and learned much from both.
i am the moderator at and thought you might like to know that we have quite a few members from the connecticut area, so you won't be out there alone with your cameras.
anyway, congratulations once again,


Thanks everyone for the kind words! :-) Boola boola indeed. I'm a Yale PhD, so it's weird to be going back to my alma mater as a teacher.

Fortunately, I'm the 1% of people who actually enjoyed living in New Haven -- even during the bad times of the 1990s. I've heard (and seen) that New Haven has been going through a lot of beatification and gentrification. Yale University has been pouring a lot of money into urban revitalization -- which I hope to take advantage of through the Yale Homebuyers Program. :-)

Hi Karen,
You are a guifted young lady and the energy you put into your everyday life and interests is even more remarkable. Good luck on your new venture and, remember, life is what you make of it!



Congratulations, Karen! Yale is very prestigious, and your research seems to be socially relevant. Hopefully this a tenure track position?

Congrats Karen. I've enjoyed your blog a lot and hope you find the time to keep it up while at Yale!


From one kouhai (gavin) via yet another (nathaniel):

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it there.

Congradulations! I'm sorry to hear that you'll be leaving Mac, but certainly can't fault taking up an offer like this. Drop me a line next time you swing through Tokyo, It would be great to catch up.

Congratulations! I also enjoy and have learned a lot from your site and blog. I look forward to dispatches from your new position, esp. on the topics you're teaching.

Courtney - I ended up buying in New Haven since I expect to be here at least 5 years and the interest rate was fantastic (5% on a 30 year fixed). But I don't expect my house to appreciate much in value since I bought at the peak of the market -- or maybe even when the market was cooling.

Our house in New Haven was on the market 4 months when we bought it, and we got it for $50K under initial asking. That should give you some indication of what's going on. Previously houses would be in a bidding war and sell in less than a week.

In some ways, because sellers are worried that the bubble is popping, it's a good time to buy. And certainly interest rates will only go up from here.

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