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Digital Camera Watch (Japan): Cosina/Carl Zeiss T* Biogon 35mm F2: ""

The Japanese online magazine DC Watch has posted an extensive hands-on review of the Carl Zeiss T* Biogon 35mm F2 using the Epson R-D1 digital rangefinder. This follows their earlier review of the Planar 50mm f/2. I've posted a rough translation of the salient points of the biogon review below. This lens is just becoming available in Japan, I've already received a phone call letting me know my pre-order has been filled by Map Camera in Shinjuku.


Rough Translation notes

  • Goes on sale March 25.
  • It's a biogon design: 9 elements in 6 groups
  • The front element projects outwardly. the hood is bayonet style and fits easily.
  • Carl Zeiss calls it the "powerful all-rounder"
  • The MTF data is on Cosina's home page (here). According to this, distortion is very low, making it ideal for architectural photographs.
  • However, light falloff of about 2 stops in the corners at full aperture is to be expected. At f/4 it drops to 2/3 stops. At f/5.6 it is neglible.
  • The handling of the 35/2 is very similar to that of the Planar 50/2 - excellent
  • The lens has a 9 digit serial number, indicating that it has passed Carl Zeiss' quality control

Comparing the CV 35mm f/1.2 Nokton vs. the CV 35 f/1.7 Ultron and CV 35mm f/2.5 Skopar II

Translation goes here


Photos were all taken with the R-D1: ISO 200, auto white balance, JPEG fine, auto-exposure. All lenses were stopped down 1 from their maximum aperture.

【F4 / ビオゴン】 【F5.6 / ビオゴン】 【F8 / ビオゴン】 = Biogon @ f/4 , f/5.6, f/8
【F4 / ノクトン】 【F5.6 / ノクトン】 【F8 / ノクトン】 = Nokton
【F4 / ウルトロン】 【F5.6 / ウルトロン】 【F8 / ウルトロン】 = Ultron
[F4 / カラースコパー】 【F5.6 / カラースコパー】 【F8 / カラースコパー】 = Color Skopar
【F4 / ズミクロン・アスフェリカル】 【F5.6 / ズミクロン・アスフェリカル】 【F8 / ズミクロン・アスフェリカル = Summicron 35mm f/2 ASPH
【F4 / ズミクロン】 【F5.6 / ズミクロン】 【F8 / ズミクロン】 = 8-element early Summicron 35mm f/2
【F4 / Wニッコール】【F5.6 / Wニッコール】 【F8 / Wニッコール】 = 35mm W-Nikkor 35mm f/1.8
【F4 / ヘキサノン】 【F5.6 / ヘキサノン】 【F8 / ヘキサノン】 = Hexanon 35mm f/2

The photographs at the very bottom of the page are all with the 35mm Biogon.



I bought the Planar about two weeks ago. I am very happy with it so far.

This is what it looks like on an M6:

Sample photos: (click the noren pic for more)



I have a 1950 circa camera called a Zies Ikon Contesa. It has a type of bollows action to release the lense. Have you heard of it? Is it worth anything/

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