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In another weird twist, Canon Japan has announced the Canon 20Da, a limited edition, limited availability (Japan only) version of the EOS 20D digital SLR. Basically, the 20Da is designed for astrophotography and has the infrared filter removed from the CMOS chip, which allows the camera to peer into the Ha spectrum. The camera can also give you live preview on the rear LCD, which helps when you are trying to focus on some guidestars using your telescope mount. Who needs a Hubble when you have a 20Da?

Astrophotography is currently The Big Thing in Japan among camera geeks. Maybe we'll have some initiatives to reduce light pollution and smog.


Is it any possibility to buy this camera in Europe? Why only in Japan? In other world are astrophotographers too. :-(

Unfortunately, no. I hear of some people who are employing friends and family in Japan to buy one for them. The instruction manual will be in Japanese, but I think the menu has an english option.

Canon Japan did this as a one-time favor to their astrophotography fans in Japan. I'm not sure how strong sales were, so I don't know if it'll ever be repeated. There are places in the USA, however, that will remove the IR filter from your Canon EOS cameras for a fee. Maybe you can investigate if there are any in Europe? reports that the 20DA will be released in markets outside of Japan. No pricing or schedule is set yet, but this is very good news. is reporting availability in the US. This should be a very different camera than the 20D with filter removed, as reports state that the lowpass filter has been modified (not removed) and that there is still IR blocking at longer wavelengths. In any case, it is debatable for astro photo whether deeper IR is a good or a bad thing. Also the 20Da 'live view' which permits magnified viewing via the LCD is going to be a very valuable focussing aid, not on the 20d. BTW the 20Da may shoot black as red in daylight photography.

Hi, I am interested in having my DSLR converted to IR by having the IR filter removed. I was wondering If it was possible to have a external IR filter that threads onto my lenses that will block the IR light to the sensor but still transmit all visible light through it, mimicking the original internal IR filter that was previously attached to the cameras image sensor? That way when I want to take IR photos I just take off the IR filter from my camera and when I want to take regular visible spectrum photos I put the IR filter back on?

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