Update: Now in Kyoto

This weekend, I moved into my new apartment in Kyoto. It's just 500 meters away from the Imperial Palace and 1.3 kilometers away from Doshisha University, which is where I'll be a affiliated as a visiting researcher. All very exciting.

Readers know that I'm conducting my research on disability politics in Japan and the United States. I just finished five months in Tokyo. I'll be in Kyoto until June. Then it's back to the United States where I'll be spending a few months in Berkeley, CA and Washington, DC. The goal of this research is a book comparing disability politics in both countries from a grassroots perspective.

More news and photos as I get settled.


mehyar said...

let me say that i envy you. Kyoto is my favorite city.
here is a suggestion for a cool Kyoto cafe: Shinshindo on Imadegawa across from Kyoto University. it has an interesting history. is owned by a rather unique family.

best wishes

Olivenhain, CA,

9:08 AM  
birdman said...

During your trip to the US, may I recomend you spend most of your time outside of CA and DC. We in what they term as "fly-over contry" don't believe that either the DC beltway, or the radical left coast represent our "grassroots" values. A more realistic impression of a true grassroots perspective of disability politics will be gained. Regards, the birdman AKA John in Indiana, USA. kidney transplant 1991

10:31 PM  
nasukaren said...

I live in Minnesota so I'm well familiar with american coastal bias. But I wanted two cities that approximated Osaka and Tokyo and Berkeley and DC fit pretty closely from a community activism perspective.

10:37 AM  

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