Classic Fixed Lens Rangefinders:
Classic Fixed Lens Rangefinders:

O.P.L. Foca Sport II

by Karen Nakamura


Overview and Personal Comments


The first Foca Sport came out in 1954. It was designed as a simple point-and-shoot version of the more complex Foca PF rangefinders. Unlike the PF, the Sport had only a simple viewfinder with no rangefinder, an in-lens leaf shutter, and non-interchangeable lens.

The Sport was replaced by the Sport II, which added back the coupled rangefinder. This made the Sport considerably more useful.






Technical Details

Camera Name
Foca Sport Foca Sport II
Optique et Précision de Levallois (OPL)
Place of Manufacture
Date of Manufacture
1954- 1961-62
Focusing System


Coupled rangefinder
Combined rangefinder/viewfinder
Foca Neoplar 45mm f/3.5

Foca Color Oplar 45mm f/2.8


Leaf shutter B, 1 sec - 1/300 sec

Metering System



Standard PC sync on front

Film type / speeds

Type 135 (35mm standard) film
24x36mm full frame

Battery type


Dimensions and weight
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About OPL

Optique et Précision de Levallois (OPL) was founded in 1923 to produce optical instruments for aviation, marine, and military purposes. They set about in 1938 to make a camera, based roughly on the wildly popular Leica rangefinder. The war and German occupation intervened with those plans, but by 1942 the Germans encourage the release of the the FOCA rangefinder system. They produced cameras well up to the late 1950s, releasing the SLR FocaFlex in 1959, which featured innovative TTL metering.

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